Sarah dan Rahma Azhari

Klan Azhari tak pernah sepi dari berita. Kali ini Sarah dan Rahma Azhari yang jadi pergunjingan terkait beredarnya foto
bugil yang menyerupai mereka dan tersebar luas di internet.
Di foto tersebut, keduanya tengah asyik mandi di kamar mandi berlatar belakang bambu. Tubuh Sarah terlihat masih
penuh dengan sabun. Keduanya terlihat sangat menggoda. Wajahnya riang tanpa beban meski difoto tanpa baju.
Belum dapat dipastikan, kapan dimana dan bagaimana foto itu diambil. Tapi diperkirakan foto-foto mirip Sarah dan
Rahma diambil oleh orang terdekat, mengingat Sarah dan Rahma tertawa lepas.
Namun ketika dihubungi Kompas Entertainment, untuk dimintai konfirmasinya lewat nomor telepon genggam Sarah,
yang menjawab supir pribadinya. "Ibu (Sarah) sedang liburan ke luar negeri Lagi nggak ada di Jakarta. Saya nggak tahu
liburannya kemana.
Dari kemarin Ibu sudah nggak ada disini. Pulangnya enggak tahu kapan," jelas pria yang tak ingin dicantumkan
namanya tersebut.
Sudah seringkali foto-foto mirip Sarah dan Rahma beredar di dunia maya. Terakhir adalah foto-foto si bungsu Rahma
yang beredar luas. Rahma ketika itu membantah jika foto yang beredar adalah foto dirinya.
Pakar telematika Roy Suryo yang coba dihubungi dan dimintai komentarnya menyatakan, belum dapat memastikan
keaslian foto-foto tersebut. Alasannya, menurut Roy, ukuran foto yang memperlihatkan dua perempuan mirip Sarah dan
Rahma sedang mandi itu terlalu kecil untuk dianalisa.
"Secara optik itu memang benar adanya. Bila dilihat dari lighting, ekspresi wajah dan tubuh mereka memang sinkron.
Tetapi masih harus diperiksa lagi karena resolusinya sangat kecil," ungkap Roy Senin (22/12)
Roy menduga, foto itu diambil orang terdekat Sarah dan Rahma karena dalam foto itu keduanya tampak lepas tertawa.
"Saya yakin foto itu diambil oleh orang dekat mereka. Orang yang mirip Sarah dan Rahma pada foto-foto itu tampak
begitu lepas dan leluasa," paparnya.

Victoria Beckham

On 4 March 1999 Victoria gave birth to her first son, Brooklyn and she and David Beckham married in Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland four months later.
Victoria Beckham then launched a solo pop career. It did not emulate the success of the Spice Girls and her album, VB only sold about 50,000 copies.
The single, Not Such An Innocent Girl reached number six, but Collaboration sold only about 15,000 copies.
David and Victoria Beckham had their second son, Romeo James Beckham, who was born on 1 September 2002.
Victoria's return to her solo career went better and she reached number three in the UK with This Groove/Let Your Head Go in January 2004, however she indicated that she intended to focus on her family.

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Sexy Girl

Kate winslet

Kate Winslet is practically perfect. A brilliant actress who picks great roles. A beautiful woman who believes you should never skip dessert. A class act who still fancies a dirty joke. Funny. Smart. English.

Ask Kate Winslet what she liked about any of her characters, and the word... more ... Kate Winslet has 1 in-development credit available on ... Kate Winslet was born in Reading, Berkshire, England to Roger John Winslet, a swimming-pool contractor, and Sally Ann Bridges, a barmaid; [1] both of her ... Kate Elizabeth Winslet was born October 5, 1975 to stage actor Roger Winslet and stage actress Sally Bridges-Winslet. Having been born to a thespian family, ... The latest Kate Winslet news, pictures, interviews, and scans including an extensive photo gallery, downloads, movies, and messageboard. Kate Winslet Fan is a fansite 100% dedicated to the English Rose, with the most comprehensive informations on Kates personal life and a part of the site ... feature on Kate Winslet that includes pics, pictures, biography, video, related news, vital stats, commentary, and cool facts.

Dewi Persik Baju Melorot

memek Dewi Persik

Dewi recognized by because Javanese song of Stage Star. Name of Peach by xself given by its manager, Mr. Yogi, to be its career shine like peach fruit which is in China considered to be by fruit of luck carrier. Sinetron which have been stared by the Goddess for example Sweet Dream and Legend eps. Nyi Ronggeng. But Goddess career do not always smoothly. famous goddess ricketyly is its saw start to get the criticism to the its podium action is delight, and also its clothes is which minim and tighten. Its top is Goddess moment after filling a event of anniversary TPI performed in Istora Senayan, 23 January 2008. Dewi Chest is sudden groped by a men. That moment is Goddess impose the tank top of white colour by strip is black. Before touching Goddess bosom, the men of fad on the quite draw the Goddess bosom with the camera of this sexy handphone moment pedangdut stir held an interview with the. occurence of Goddess Bosom becoming public consumption non first newly happened. In the year 2005, gara-gara wiggle too ' hot' in a event SCTV, Goddess bodice follow the menyembul. That occurence only taking place some second.

Dewi Persik having the name of Dewi Persik Murya genuiness ( born in Jember, East Java, 18 December 1985; age 22 year) his a singer of dangdut Indonesia. Putri Couple H. Moch Aidil ( ayah) and Hj. Sri Muna ( this ibu) confess to have the clan Tionghoa from its grandmother.

Susu Dewi Persik

Dewi Persik Bugil

Unhappily, Dewi comment in around pencekalannya exactly oppositely;also memperkeruh atmosphere. Dewi assume the the pencekalan bridle its freedom and that thing the part of character murder and libel to x'self. Even that moment Peach Goddess submit ' its challenge' to claim the people who libel it to desk hukum. Do not only that, Goddess even throw the sentence impressing ' threat' to Mayor Tangerang. Controversy Pencekalan that goes on during day in media get the attention from Menpora Adhiyaksa Dault and Minister of Woman Enableness, Meuthia Hatta. Even Menpora even also phone the Goddess to ask the him of introspection self. Do not how long, Goddess confess to make a mistake and made a slip, even x'self remain to will not alter the his erotic wobble

Marriage Angelina

Angelina Sondakh

Feast back to 31 years old, Angelina Sondakh be a special time in their lives. without the party and luxurious gifts, parties that are designed with simple love is so full of surprises termegah for Angie.

Party held Adjie Angie is for this beautiful gift. "This is a gift of gold termegah Adjie at my age to 31. The point of surprise," said Angie found in Penang Bistro restaurant, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta Sunday (28/12).

Asked concerning marriage, Angie claim not to think too deep, considering both still equally busy. "Yes begin on 7 January next year. We have started a campaign, mas Adjie of East Java and Central Java. So we can not think for that matter first. We can think outside the elections, so after the elections. Around 9 April. So now we are more used to elections concentration. At this time our relationship adequately, "said Angie.

Medium according to Adjie, the process toward pelaminan already in progress since a long time, they only live still. "The process is long-running status widower and I have been understood by Angie mbak. And I also I have two children close together and my children have traveled. Because children are a part of my life. Because mbak Angie already understand children I am, so he was part of my life, "added Adjie Massaid.

Akiyama Rina

Akiyama Rina is a Japanese actress, model, singer
Rina Akiyama featured in a gallery with 188 pictures, information profile, bio, and access to videos. ... Rina Akiyama is a japanese idol born in Tokyo on 26 9 1985

Actress: Rina Akiyama (sexy young japanese girl) Actress: Rina Akiyama (sexy young japanese girl)

Akiyama Rina Gallery

Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo Picture

Sarah Geronimo Biography
Birth name: Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo
Born: July 25, 1988
Origin: Santa Cruz, Manila, Philippines
Genre(s): Pop
Occupation(s): Singer, Actress

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